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At BeCircular we follow a Distruptive Design Methology inspired by Leyla Acaroglu

1: Define – Set scope and limits, find your quest(ion), Product Requirements

2: Identify – LCA, Systems Thinking Analysis, Benchmarking, Footprints

3: Map – Actors Map, Service design, Customer Activity Cycle, LCC, Monetary & Material Flows

4: Relationships – Business Partnerships, Take-back loops, Upstream innovation, Supplier network

5: Leverage – Brainstorming, User-driven design, Concept drawings, Prototyping

6: Product Design – Technical Drawings, Material Specifications
7: Marketing - Marketing Material, Product Certifications, Footprints, EPD, LCA

See more specific service offers below!

Design for Circular Economy

Have you already identified a product or a feature that you want to re-design?

Or do you wish to develop a new product that is inherently circular, sustainable and produced with healthy materials?

We have a deep knowledge and experience in designing circular products.

We do everything from concept sketching and industrial design to 3D models (CAD) and technical drawings. Contact us to discuss how we can help you!

This service offer normally includes all steps in our methodology, but is adapted for each unique project of course.

Engineering Sketch
Image by Evie S.

Life Cycle Analysis

We conduct LCAs both for internal use and for external communication with ISO certification through an independent 3rd party reviewer.

BeCircular are one of the few LCA companies who specialize in Life Cycle Analysis for reusable products, hence we have unique experience in how to calculate this impact accurately.

An internal LCA is cheap to conduct and will give you valuable information on to reduce the environmental impact of your products. We will identify the impact from the different life cycle stages; Supply, Raw materials, Manufacturing, Distribution, Use and End-of-life. Then we will suggest improvements to counter the low-hanging fruits with high reduction of impact for a small price.

If you choose to do an external LCA it will be certified to the highest standard and possible to use confidently in marketing material, against competitors and during conversations with clients.

This service offer focus on step 1-3 and step 6-7 above.


Product Certifications

Are you purchasing materials, components or complete products that you either sell directly or manufacture something from? More than 50% of all costs and climate footprint are normally related to purchasing of goods and material. So one of the most powerful things you can do is to certify your products and transmit sustainability and circularity far in your supply chain.

At BeCircular we have experience of working with a range of different certifications. We will help you to choose an appropriate certification for your sector and guide you through the process of how to meet the requirements. If you allow us, we can also help you to find the right contact and data from your suppliers. Ask them to change their production to meet your new demands or even help you find an alternative supplier in case the supplier is too far away from the goal you have set.

This service offer focus on the last step only and verifies or improves the sustainability of a product you already have. It may instead create impact and design changes for your suppliers.

Minimal pencils on yellow_edited.jpg

Strategic design analysis

By analysing a current design or your product range we can quickly identify the low hanging fruits to become more circular. For example we can use a simple life cycle analysis to find components or materials that can be changed to cut life cycle costs and make your product more sustainable.

The analysis always results in three estimations:

  1. Saved cost from a prolonged product lifetime

  2. Reduced climate footprint

  3. Reduced amount of generated waste with a particular focus on hazardous chemicals

This include step 1 to 5 in our methodology and assumes a narrow scope in step 1. It is recommended for those who want to know what they can do as an easy and affordable first step.

Lectures and workshops

Would you like to learn more about circular economy and the methods we use at BeCircular to design more profitable and sustainable products and services?

We are always happy to share our knowledge and our network of experts and industry leaders will surely give you inspiration to start your own journey! As selection of previous lectures and workshop themes as follows:

  • Circula - The Circular Economy and Entrepreneurship Game!

  • UN Sustainable Development Goals - Which goals are connected to circularity and why are we so far away from reaching those goals in particular?

  • Intro to the Distruptive Design Methodology - inspired by Unschool

  • Circular Design - Course developed in cooperation with the ICCE

We are always curious about creating new content to fit your need, contact us and let's start a discussion today.

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