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5 Phenomenal Reasons to Be Circular

Circular Economy is all about not wasting resources. At BeCircular we believe in designing high quality products without toxic or non-recyclable materials. Products that last and keep their value over time. This results in a range of positive impacts!

1: It is profitable

This is probably the most important reason. No one want to lose money. Therefore it is crucial to understand that a circular design and business model will make your company more profitable.

2: It is sustainable

Not only from an environmental perspective, but also from an economic and social perspective. A long term thinking about your products will naturally give you a long term agenda to stay profitable and to take care of staff, suppliers, clients and know-how.

3: It prepares your business for a future

Very few smart persons build a company only to earn money for a short period of time. We would like our business to be successful and competitive for a very long time. Circular economy and products with a truly good design gives you the right prerequisites to do that.

4: It will grow your business

Circular services and products make you enter markets that are new for you. For example a circular and sustainable product may attract a different customer group than your conventional product. A circular service offer also gives you a huge advantage in after-market sales.

5: It will make your customers more loyal

Research shows that customer loyalty increases greatly with the introduction of circular products. With the right product and service offer, you will earn customers that stay with you for a lifetime.

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